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Kevin McCarthy Mocked After Video of Him Speedily Running Away From Reporter Goes Viral

Kevin McCarthy Mocked After Video of Him Speedily Running Away From Reporter Goes Viral
Screenshot from @rachelvscott/Twitter

When ABC reporter Rachel Scott tried to ask House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about the Republican National Committee's decision to censure Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, he practically ran away while saying it was "not good" to answer questions in the hallway.

You can view McCarthy's attempted flight below:

His excuse to Scott that answering questions in a hallway was "not good" was undermined by his own behavior earlier in the day, when he did just that.

Answering quick interviews in the hallway is pretty standard for members of congress, and Scott shared video of an exchange she had earlier in which McCarthy answered her question about whether "there was legitimate political discourse on January 6th" while walking in a hallway.

His response:

"Yeah, everybody knows there was."

Watch it below.

But it was his speedy gait through the hallway that got people's attention.

The mockery was swift.

Even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got in on chastising McCarthy for running from the press. During her weekly press conference earlier today, she said:

"It's disturbing to see that the Republican leader of the House ran — actually, literally refused to condemn that resolution of legitimate political [discourse] — literally ran away from the press when he was asked about his position."

She added:

"Republicans can run, but they cannot hide from what happened on Jan. 6."

Members of the Republican party seem dead set on declaring the events of January 6th to be "legitimate political discourse," but they are loath to defend that position with logic or reason. Actually running away from reporters might be a bit over the top, though.