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Maxine Waters' GOP Challenger Just Got Arrested on Felony Charges and Now Conservatives Are Distancing Themselves

Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images // Fox News

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has long been a target of the Right wing due to her vociferous opposition to President Donald Trump.

One of Waters' most vocal opponents, Omar Navarro, ran against the Congresswoman in 2016 and 2018, losing in a landslide both times. He intends to run against her again, but a recent development may have eliminated that possibility.

Navarro was recently arrested on three felony charges after his ex-girlfriend, fellow Trump fanatic DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, who spotted Navarro lurking outside of her San Francisco home late Saturday night.

Shortly after, she received a text from an unknown number that read:

"Bitch, I came to see you."

Tesoriero—who herself is challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for her congressional seat—called police, and Navarro was arrested for felony stalking, criminal threats, and attempted extortion.

Despite losing both of his elections by more than 50 points, Navarro came to be regarded as a popular figure within the alt-Right, enjoying around $1 million in campaign donations, along with support from notable pro-Trump figures like former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Trump advisor Roger Stone.

That support seems more precarious now, with alt-Right media outlet Gateway Pundit urging Republicans to drop support for Navarro:

"The MAGA and America First movement is constantly under attack from the media and deranged Democrats. The last thing we need is behavior like this from our candidates. Mainstream media outlets will surely use this to smear President Trump and the movement as a whole. Several conservatives supported Omar Navarro, but this latest news demonstrates that he is no longer an effective messenger for the GOP or President Trump."

Tesoriero updated her followers of the situation in a campaign statement.

People weren't exactly surprised that a far-Right figure was arrested for displaying violent tendencies.

Navarro had already been on probation for secretly placing a tracking device on his then-wife's vehicle.