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Pro-Trump Congressman Slammed After Video of Him Enjoying Maskless Karaoke Goes Viral

Pro-Trump Congressman Slammed After Video of Him Enjoying Maskless Karaoke Goes Viral
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is one of outgoing President Donald Trump's most loyal followers in Congress.

Gaetz's response to the pandemic that's killed over 300 thousand Americans and upended daily life in the United States reflects that.

The Congressman has frequently parroted Trump's lies that the threat posed by the virus is sensationalized by the media, and that safety precautions recommended by Trump's own officials—such as compulsory mask wearing and stay-at-home orders—are an effort by Democrats to stifle Americans' freedom.

In the early stages of the outbreak, Gaetz wore a gas mask on the House floor in what many saw as a move mocking protective measures. After one of his constituents died of the virus days later, Gaetz insisted that he was being "quite serious."

As recently as this month, Gaetz was admonished by New Jersey's Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, for attending a packed gala for the New York Young Republicans in defiance of local virus precautions.

Now, a new video of Gaetz partying maskless is circulating throughout the internet, featuring Gaetz singing karaoke, despite evidence that singing heightens the risk of virus transmission.

Watch below.

The tweet erroneously stated that Gaetz took one of the vaccines for the virus—which was recently offered to members of Congress—but Gaetz denied this before poking fun at his performance.

As usual, Gaetz was about the only one laughing.

Some conservatives felt Gaetz was leading by example, and cited their reasons for falsely believing the virus doesn't pose a threat to most Americans.

According to a Microsoft-Harvard live tracker, over 700 of Gaetz's constituents have died of the virus.