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GOP Sen. Tried to Slam Biden's Infrastructure Bill Using Huge Graphics But Ended Up Promoting It Instead

Jason Andrew-Pool/Getty Images // Alex Wong/Getty Images

Just weeks after signing the American Rescue Plan into law, President Joe Biden recently unveiled an ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Beyond including over 20 thousand total miles of repaired roads and bridges, the plan includes necessary changes to combat the climate crisis, such as incentivizing the use of electric cars, updating public housing to be carbon efficient, and allocating for further studies on the effects of the climate crisis.

The plan also promises to eliminate the use of lead pipes in the United States, while providing high-speed broadband internet access to every American.

Similar to their misgivings with the American Rescue Plan, Republicans have railed against the infrastructure package, claiming it's not about "traditional" infrastructure at all—but a Democratic wish list.

Biden has countered this by saying the plan is necessary and by encouraging Americans to reimagine what they think of as infrastructure.

But Republicans still aren't all aboard.

GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee posted a thread of graphics intended to slam Biden for spending too much on supposedly unrelated avenues.

In addition to decrying the billions invested in combatting the climate crisis, Blackburn also slammed the infrastructure plan for allocating $400 billion to elder care.

In her attempt to rebuke the plan on Twitter, Blackburn just ended up making it look good—and invited trolling from the Democratic party's official Twitter account.

People were especially amazed Blackburn slammed the funding of elder care.

Earlier this week, Biden revealed an outline to pay for the plan, relying largely on increases in corporate tax rates.