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QAnon Rep Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming Biden Is Being Blackmailed by Foreign Leaders in Bizarre SOTU Response

QAnon Rep Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming Biden Is Being Blackmailed by Foreign Leaders in Bizarre SOTU Response

Fresh off backlash from both sides of the aisle for speaking at a gathering of unapologetic white nationalists, far-right Congresswoman and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia delivered a response following President Joe Biden's first State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

As is her wont, the response was riddled with delusional claims and personal attacks, particularly on Biden's living son, Hunter.

Republicans fixated on Hunter Biden throughout the 2020 campaign. Former President Donald Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine while pressuring its President to open an investigation into Hunter's business dealings in the country. Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani made increasingly muddled claims about a laptop of Hunter Biden's with sensitive information that came into Giuliani's possession.

And in Greene's speech, she claimed Russia and every other world leader was now blackmailing President Biden with damning footage of his son.

Watch below.

Greene said:

"The President of the United States is totally compromised, because every world leader has contents of Hunter Biden's laptop and much more to blackmail him. So it's no wonder America's weak. We do not have a President that can defend our country. We have a President that puts America last because he is literally serving China, Russia, and the world. He is a globalist. He's for the global economy."

She added:

"He's for the World Economic Forum, for the interests of China and for the interests of Russia, and for anyone anywhere that has blackmail evidence on his sexually deviant, drug-addled, dead-beat dad, pathetic, sorry excuse of a son. Joe Biden has already broken his oath of office, because all he cares about is protecting Hunter Biden, and he will not protect any of us."

There's limited evidence that Hunter Biden's laptop made its way into the hands of the Russian government. A Daily Mail clip purportedly shows Hunter lamenting a 2018 incident in which one of his laptops was stolen by Russian drug dealers, whom he expected would try to blackmail him with it.

But if President Biden is being blackmailed by Russia, it certainly seems ineffective. He's hit Russian President Vladimir Putin with some of the harshest sanctions in modern American history over the invasion of Ukraine. What's more, Greene herself said as recently as last month that Biden would go to war with Russia because Ukraine had dirt on Hunter Biden.

It's well known that Hunter Biden has struggled with addiction like millions of other Americans. If every world leader has dirt on Biden, as Greene claimed, how would that be effective blackmail? After all, blackmail is only effective if the "dirt" is still a secret.

Social media users reminded Greene of this.

Her attacks and conspiracy theories went widely condemned.

Greene also attempted to chant "Build the wall!" during Biden's State of the Union, only to be humiliated.