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QAnon Rep Instantly Regretted Doing a Call-In Show After Constituents Ripped Her to Shreds Live On Air

QAnon Rep Instantly Regretted Doing a Call-In Show After Constituents Ripped Her to Shreds Live On Air
UCTV Night Talk

Since before her 2020 election to Congress, far-right representative and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has grown infamous for her antics.

Just one day after President Joe Biden was sworn in, Greene launched a dead-in-the-water effort to bring articles of impeachment against him. She's racked up thousands of dollars in fines for refusing to abide by House rules and wear a mask on the floor. She's repeatedly advocated for the Capitol insurrectionists being held in D.C. prisons, even though many attacked police officers and called for the executions of her colleagues.

What's more, she's repeatedly berated and accosted Democratic members of Congress, forcing Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri to change offices.

Residents of Georgia's 14th District may be growing weary of seeing their representative constantly in the news not because of legislation she's proposed, but because of viral moments of pettiness and belligerence she's orchestrated.

This weariness was on display during Greene's recent appearance on a local public access call-in show, Night Talk, where some callers berated Greene for her antics in Congress, though the majority of the callers expressed support.

Watch below.

One caller told Greene:

"I just wanna say thank God for Joe Biden. [Greene] is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia."

Greene smiled awkwardly as the caller launched the criticism, to which the host responded, "Well, we've all got our opinions." "Amen to that," the caller said, "And I've got mine."

A later call didn't go much better.

That caller cited Greene's continued refusal to acknowledge the 2020 election's legitimacy:

"We accepted Trump for four years. You all refuse to accept Biden. You refuse to do it. Maybe we didn't like Trump, but he won so that was it. You will not accept the fact that Joe Biden won. ... You're not gonna accept it. You're gonna keep on and keep on and just peck, peck, peck, and you won't get anything done if you're not gonna respect the man ... You've gotta work together and you are not doing it. You're not doing it. And neither are the other Republicans. They're just going with Trump, 'No he didn't win it, he didn't win it,' and wasting all the money in Georgia, had to count the votes three times because he said he won and he didn't."

Social media users relished seeing Greene taken to task by voters of her home state.

Others said Greene was far more than an embarrassment to Georgia alone.

Though there are multiple Democrats hoping to unseat Greene in the 2022 midterms, Georgia's solid-red 14th district makes that unlikely. But a promising primary challenger has emerged in Jennifer Strahan, a conservative mother and entrepreneur, presenting herself as an alternative to Greene's trademark conspiracy theories and aggression. Strahan has constantly emphasized that, unlike Greene, she'd be "focused on serving, not being a celebrity."

Her campaign is picking up steam, and a recent poll showed Greene is vulnerable to Strahan's candidacy.