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Maine's Largest Newpaper Trolls Trump's Visit to the State With Brutally Blunt Editorial Urging Him to 'Resign Now'

Maine's Largest Newpaper Trolls Trump's Visit to the State With Brutally Blunt Editorial Urging Him to 'Resign Now'
Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump was buoyed on Friday by the first job report in weeks to show a decrease in the 40+ million new unemployment claims imposed by the pandemic.

But a new op-ed from part of Maine's largest news-gathering organization might just take the wind out of his sails.

The Portland Press Herald issued a less than warm welcome to Trump in advance of his visit to the state.

They urged him, in no uncertain terms, to resign.

The paper stressed that Trump had never been a good President, but the past few days alone—according to the Herald—are enough to show just how hazardous his rule is for the United States.

The editorial reads in part:

"In just the last week you gleefully tweeted about shooting fellow citizens; you goaded governors into escalating violent situations so they don't "look like jerks;" and you authorized the use of rubber bullets and tear gas to clear peaceful protesters out of a public space so you could pose for a Bible-waving photo-op. These are just a few examples of why you lack the character, maturity and judgment to lead our country in this perilous time. You should resign."

The paper did commend Trump, however, for not addressing the nation during this time of upheaval.

"We have to agree with you on one point: You were right to skip making an address to the nation as other presidents have done in times of national emergency."

"You correctly concluded that you have nothing to say that would make the situation better. When what's called for is compassion, clear vision and a commitment to lead, you are out of ammo."

"But bringing the nation together in times of distress is a big part of the job when you are head of state. You can't do it, so you should resign."

Others heartily agreed that Trump should be gone—along with certain other lawmakers.

People around the country agree that Trump needs to step down, though that's highly unlikely.

It's doubtful that Trump will resign, or even voluntarily step down if he loses the election.

You have a say though. Are you registered to vote?