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Madison Cawthorn Pays Awkward Tribute to Trump With Cringy Name for New Border Wall Bill

Madison Cawthorn Pays Awkward Tribute to Trump With Cringy Name for New Border Wall Bill
Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images // Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump may have lost the 2020 election, but a slate of candidates sharing the far-right views of his fringe supporters were elected to Congress that cycle.

Among these candidates-turned-representatives are Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina.

While each of the freshman representatives spouts platitudes about gun rights and "America first," there's little concrete policy that's not informed by a complete fealty to the former President, the first one-term President in decades.

Congressman Cawthorn illustrated that virtue yet again with his latest proposed legislation to enshrine Trump's unfinished border wall as a national monument—or, as Cawthorn calls it, a "Donument."

Cawthorn announced the Donument Act in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

A giant wall at the southern border became one of Trump's most notable campaign promises during the 2016 election. Trump swore that hundreds of miles of "beautiful" wall would be erected and that Mexico would pay for it.

Toward the end of his term, Trump repeatedly parroted the misleading claim that he'd built over 400 miles of the wall in four years. In reality, less than 100 miles of the wall is new.

On the first day of his presidency, President Joe Biden rescinded Trump's emergency declaration that allowed the former President to secure funding for the border. While previously allocated elements of the wall will still be completed, the Biden Administration has been clear in its opposition.

Rep. Cawthorn's proposal to turn the incomplete wall into a monument was poorly-received.

The name for it was panned as well.

The legislation is unlikely to pass the Democratic House of Representatives.