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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Season 7': Who Are the New Cast Members?

The season premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is finally here, and some fresh faces will be joining the cast this season. The newcomers are sure to change the dynamic of the group and bring their own drama to the table.

Here are the new cast members who will round out season 7 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. 

Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a former model and has appeared on the show in the past. In January, she began dating Cliff Dixon, who has appeared on her Instagram a number of times over the past few months.

Erica has been linked to Rich Dollaz, Cyn Santana, and Bow Wow. According to VH1, she promises that this time around she will "never put [herself] in certain situations, let alone with certain people ever again."

Tokyo Vanity

Tokyo Vanity is perhaps most famous for her 2015 single, That's My Best Friend. In the words of VH1, Tokyo is "joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and says she’s here to represent women (and their besties) of all sizes in a way that’s never been done before."

She tells VH1, "I don’t give a f–k whether you a size 10, 3, 4, 28 or 30, I give everybody a voice... I walk ahead of the line! Don’t nobody come before me.”

BK Brasco

Rapper BK Brasco is a passionate songwriter and rapper, and is known for his work with Timbaland. In 2014, he released his EP, "18th Floor Thompson Hotel Edition." The EP featured appearances from Timbaland, Pusha T, RaVaugn, B Howard, Stacy Barthe, and many more.

Speaking to The Boombox about the EP, Brasco said, "My pops died by the time I was 13. When I was over there, I had started selling drugs in the building. ‘18th Floor’ is just the equivalent to the floors in that building. There were so many different cultures, it was like a gumbo. So the album is gonna be like that where every song is different. Different emotions.”

Kelly Hill

Keely Hill has worked in the music industry for years. She graduated from Hampton University in 2008 with a degree in Business Administration and Management, and went on to work for A1 Recordings, Inc. According to her LinkedIn, she was the owner of Kash Connected Consulting for seven years, before becoming CEO of the Petty Punch.

Keely was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up a big Motown fan. She tells Vh1, "Saying you’re a boss isn’t a financial thing, it’s a mentality, it’s how you live your life… respect it.”

Stevie J

Stevie J, whose real name is Steven A. Jordan, is a musician and record producer and began appearing Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. In 1997, Stevie won a Grammy for his work on P Diddy's album, No Way Out. He has since won two more Grammys.

Stevie has worked with an array of talented artists, including Mariah Carey, The Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, and Eve, among others. According to VH1, he hopes to manage artist Just Brittany this season.