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Republican Congressman Calls Fear of Virus 'Wishy Washy' in Unhinged Rant on the House Floor During Proxy Vote Debate


Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is a devout Conservative and one of President Donald Trump's most vocal allies in Congress.

On Friday, the Congressman ranted on the House floor against a Democratic proposal that would allow lawmakers to vote by proxy in the face of the global pandemic that's killed over 80 thousand Americans.

Gohmert said that the Constitution didn't allow for it, and that voting by proxy to preserve the safety of lawmakers was a sign of weakness because it's not what legislators did during the Civil War or the Spanish Flu.

Watch below.

Gohmert shouted:

"You can't pass a bill on this floor with proxies and have it upheld unless you change the Constitution, and this doesn't do it. Now some here say, 'But if it saves one life, it's worth it.' How about the million Americans who laid down their lives not for a wishy washy 'Oh maybe we should be afraid we might get something and die.' They didn't do that in the Spanish flu days, they didn't do it in the Civil War, but now we're going to do it? Come on."

He wasn't done:

"There were people who died saying things like 'Live free or die' and now we're gonna amend the Constitution with a House rule? That's ridiculous. If you're gonna destroy 40 million lives and livelihoods at least have the courage to come here and do it in person."

Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) was astonished at Gohmert's tantrum and reminded him that the Constitution allows each Congress to make its own rules.

McGovern then pointed out that the Spanish Flu is hardly aspirational:

"The gentleman refers to the Spanish flu. Let me just say: That is not an example of something we want to aspire to. The Congress was basically paralyzed. So please, let's get real here."

He wasn't the only one who thought Gohmert was being ridiculous.

Gohmert called the fear of death "wishy washy," and he's not the only Republican who's signaled a willingness to sacrifice lives for the sake of pretending these are normal times.

The death toll, as of now, is at 87,603.