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Laura Ingraham Rips Lindsey Graham as a 'Used Car Salesman' for Hawking His Website Live on Her Show

Fox News

Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham faced one of the most competitive reelection races of his career against South Carolina Democratic party chair Jaime Harrison this November.

Though Graham narrowly eked out a win in the state, Harrison heavily outraised the incumbent Senator thanks to donations from the many Americans across the country who wanted to see Graham booted from the Senate.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Graham frequently begged viewers of his interviews on Fox News to visit his website and donate to his campaign.

Democrats still have a narrow shot at taking the Senate thanks to the state of Georgia, which will vote in two runoff races that could determine whether or not Republicans hold onto a Senate majority.

In a Tuesday night interview with far-right Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Graham warned that a Democratic majority in the Senate would make America unrecognizable.

He then told viewers yet again to go to his website for more information on how to help Republicans win the Georgia runoffs, but this time, Laura Ingraham wasn't having it.

Watch below.

As Graham plugged his website, Ingraham said:

"Okay, you want to be the clearinghouse. All right, enough with the We get the point. We get the point. This is like a used car salesman after a while."

Despite Ingraham's own repetitive statements in favor of the Republican party, people couldn't help but laugh that Graham got roasted on his favorite network.

But Graham's Twitter critics proceeded to roast him even harder than Ingraham did.

The runoff elections in Georgia will be held on January 5.