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Lindsey Graham Suggests to Sean Hannity That Republican Lawmakers May Invalidate Election Results

Lindsey Graham Suggests to Sean Hannity That Republican Lawmakers May Invalidate Election Results
Fox News

With Democratic nominee Joe Biden growing a lead in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump is looking at an increasingly inevitable defeat in his quest for a second term.

As many of his critics predicted, Trump shows no intention of accepting the results or conceding the election. On Thursday night, as his lead in Pennsylvania shrunk, Trump lied that he actually "easily" won the election if only "legal" votes were counted. The President falsely suggested that the millions of valid mail ballots cast in Pennsylvania were illegal.

Fresh off of winning another term in the Senate, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on far-right Fox News host Sean Hannity's show, where he wouldn't denounce a potential tactic from the Trump campaign.

Since September, the campaign has considered the idea of sowing enough mistrust in the election results for Pennsylvania's GOP-dominated legislature to appoint faithless electors who could cast the state's 20 electoral votes for Trump.

Hannity asked Graham about this tactic, and Graham's answer was chilling.

Watch below.

Hannity repeated another lie from the Trump campaign that Republican election observers weren't permitted to observe the ballot counting process.

Graham said:

"I think everything should be on the table. There's the process of observing an election that's been violated. Philadelphia elections are crooked as a snake."

Even with a Biden lead looking almost certain, Graham's answer still had people concerned.

Graham infamously became one of Trump's most loyal allies despite being a vocal critic of his 2016 campaign, saying the Republican party would be "destroyed" if it nominated Trump.

Since then, Graham has vocally defended some of Trump's most alarming scandals and consequential decisions, such as the nomination of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

People were disgusted to see that this loyalty hadn't changed even with a Trump defeat on the horizon.

The ability of the legislature to appoint electors is questionable at best, as it requires an unclear winner in the state. At the rate Biden is growing his lead over Trump as votes continue to be processed, that's looking less and less likely.