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Anti-Trump GOP Group Just Gave Trump's 'President 4Eva' Video the Most Savage Virus Death Count Update

Anti-Trump GOP Group Just Gave Trump's 'President 4Eva' Video the Most Savage Virus Death Count Update
@realdonaldtrump/Twitter // Samuel Corum/Getty Images

In October 2018, the cover story of Time Magazine was on how Trumpism would outlast its namesake—President Donald Trump.

Time posted an animated version of the cover to its Twitter account, showing a series of pro-Trump yard signs, each with a later election year, ending at "Trump 2044."

Though the article was only meant to reflect on how long Trump's influence would last, the President co-opted a doctored version of the video.

In June 2019, the President tweeted a version showing Trump yard signs into infinity.

This sparked concerns that the President would somehow seek to undo term limits, which are embedded in the Constitution via the 22nd Amendment.

Trump's supporters laughed at these concerns, insisting that Trump was just "trolling. The video soon became Trump's go-to for sowing division.

Trump tweeted the video again immediately after he was acquitted in the Senate on the House's impeachment charges.

He tweeted the video again on Tuesday.

But now, one of the most influential anti-Trump Republican groups in existence posted a new version to its Twitter account—and it's even more chilling.

Watch below.

The video features the same music, as well as a Time cover, but some crucial details are changed. Instead of pro-Trump yard signs, the signs mark the rising death toll of the virus that's killed over 160 thousand Americans. The cover reads "It is what it is," in reference to a recent dismissal Trump gave in an Axios interview regarding the number of deaths from the virus.

The same virus Trump insisted as recently as this week would eventually just go away.

People appreciated the reference.

People had just one suggestion: that the video simultaneously convey Trump's dismissal of these deaths.

But virtually everyone agreed that Trump's leadership in the face of the virus has been calamitous.

The Lincoln Project has raised millions of dollars against Donald Trump, much to his chagrin.