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Even OAN Had to Cut Away From Pro-Trump Lawyer Making QAnon Qs in the Air During Conference Speech

Even OAN Had to Cut Away From Pro-Trump Lawyer Making QAnon Qs in the Air During Conference Speech
Jitarth Jadeja/YouTube

Conspiracy theorist Lin Wood was one of the foremost promoters of the lie that former President Donald Trump was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, and that Democrats "stole" Trump's victory through widespread election fraud.

Over the course of the election's aftermath, Wood called for the imprisonment of Georgia's state leaders and even called for the execution of then-Vice President Mike Pence—calls that would be echoed during the Capitol siege prompted by Wood's and Trump's election lies.

Trump has been out of office for months now, but Wood's grasp on reality continues to loosen, with him promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory in Tulsa, Oklahoma's Health and Freedom Conference at Rhema Bible College.

QAnon is a far-ranging collective delusion hinging on the belief that the United States government is secretly controlled by a network of satanic, cannibal pedophiles—and that Donald Trump was sent to expose them.

While speaking about God during his address, Wood began making "Q" symbols in the air, prompting far-right One America News (OAN) to cut away.

Wood dismissed his status as a "QAnon conspiracy theorist" while endorsing Q as "the truth."

"They've accused me of being a QAnon conspiracy theorist. Why? Because they're telling you that I am a bad messenger. They're trying to attack me, cause they can't attack Q, cause Q is the truth! This is about the children, for God's sakes!"

He continued to peddle the delusion that Trump is still the commander in chief.

"He won the presidency and he is the person that we the people selected. Donald J. Trump is still the president of the United States of America. He is your president."

People were surprised to see OAN, a network to the right of even the conservative Fox News channel, pull back from the footage.

Others were disturbed by the elation of the cheering audience in reaction to Wood's gesture.

A survey earlier this year found that over a quarter of Republicans have a favorable view of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

You can watch Wood's full remarks here.