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April 2018 Tarotscopes: What’s in Store for You This Month?

As we exit March and start the spring month of April 2018, it’s time to see what’s in store for us. After pulling tarot cards for all 12 astrological signs, the following is a break down of what April aims to bring for each sign, from Aries to Pisces.


Knight of Cups (reversed)

You won’t find the support you need in dealing with the situation, or person you have on the line at this time. Communication and any sort of emotional bonding will be straight up avoided, but don’t assume they’re “just not that into you” yet. The first two weeks of April will find us in the throes of Mercury retrograde, so if you’re finding that a certain someone has done a complete 180- you can blame it on ol’ Merc. Give it time and let it simmer, Aries!


Two of Cups (reversed)

The key word for you this month, Taurus, is balance. You’re feeling a bit out of sorts lately and can’t quite pinpoint what is wrong because it feels like everything is. A bull in disharmony is not a good thing! But there’s a solution: Start small. Address each worry one by one. Create a peaceful space in your home to unwind. Take a timeout from those that demand too much from you. Before you know it, your load will be much lighter and you’ll be back to feeling like your sensible, go-getter self.


Queen of Cups (reversed)

Someone has left you feeling majorly disappointed or dissatisfied. You’re hesitant to express the full scope of your feelings Gemini, but in the meantime, this is at the forefront of your mind daily and you’re not behaving like yourself. Get it out! Confront the person, write it in a letter, journal it, or confide in trusted friends. Once you do, this block will be removed and you’ll be able to move on from the situation more easily.


Page of Wands (reversed)

What’s the holdup? You have wonderful ideas, but you’re not putting them into use. Have you lost enthusiasm or faith in yourself? Don’t be scared off by obstacles, Cancer. They’re meant to test you to determine if what you’re working toward is really the thing you want. Use this month to decide what does and does not work for you. Whatever doesn’t, leave behind without a second thought! Whatever does, you’re going to have to focus in order to achieve it.


The Star

Leo, you’ve had a challenging time as of late, but breathe a sigh of relief, because the clouds are clearing out just as you knew they would. Can you feel the sun rolling back in? If all has been going well, prepare for situations to improve tenfold and you can pat yourself on the back as your positive thinking has manifested this. Keep having no time for negativity and drama, keep believing it’s only going to get better and better, and you’ll continue to climb.


9 of Pentacles (reversed)

Money is something to watch out for this month, Virgo. Whether you’re obsessively working, spending, or tempted by the latest “get rich quick” scheme, pay attention to all things finances. The combination of this card and the current Mercury retrograde climate suggests it’s a bad idea to be making any significant investments this month. Plan to revisit the idea in May. You could find that a better opportunity comes along in the meantime.


The World

It’s been “Go! Go! Go!” for you for a while now, and you need to take a break. In April, take the time to digest all that you’ve survived up to this point, Libra. You can recognize others’ achievements, but you don’t always cut yourself enough slack for accomplishing all that you have already. If something has ended recently, sit with the aftermath of that situation before jumping into a new one. It’ll be another success in the making if you enter with a clear mind and heart.


4 of Swords

It’s been a rough start to the year, but this month you’ll finally have the time out you’ve been craving. Relaxing isn’t an easy thing for you to do, Scorpio, but it’ll make a massive difference in both your mental and physical well-being. The key is not to wait until you’re exhausted and in distress to finally listen to what your body is asking for. Leave the phone at home. Step away from work. Get enough sleep. Stick to a healthy diet. And change what you need to going forward.


5 of Pentacles

You feel like you’ve been struggling hard and it’s been one loss after another, but the situation is never as desolate as we think it is. There are solutions out there; you just need to keep the faith, Sagittarius. Relief is coming. It may be in the form of a new job or a friend that can help out. Lean on friends and family right now. It’s foreign and unfamiliar territory for you, but we all have our points where we need a little support.


8 of Cups (reversed)

Capricorn, you’re one of the most hard-working and determined signs there is, but even you can’t make this situation work! You’ve been sticking it out in a current dilemma for far too long. I’m here to tell you that there will be no improvements and things will not be changing anytime soon. You have full permission to seek out what it is that makes you happy. The unknown can be a scary place, but do you really want to wonder if there’s something out there that’s so much better for you?


7 of Cups

You’re being tempted by a person or opportunity and the possibilities seem endless, but don’t get caught up in “grass is greener” syndrome, Aquarius. You’re much too wise for that. This is more like a case of something being too good to be true- and it is! The plus side? You’ve been worrying about making decisions that don’t even need to be made. Leave the fantasizing to your dreams, and don’t bring them into reality. This will pass.


The Hermit

This card isn’t as much about hiding in seclusion as one may think (though, that’s not too far off from a regular night for you, Pisces!). You’re taking the time to really reflect on your life. Maybe a recent event occurred that has you needing this time of contemplation. You may even be changing your position on past decisions. What’s been a hard no for you in the past, may have you rethinking today. That can be a very beneficial thing! Take this time and return with a better understanding of how to move forward.

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