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April 2018 Tarotscopes: What’s in Store for You This Month?


8 of Cups (reversed)

Capricorn, you’re one of the most hard-working and determined signs there is, but even you can’t make this situation work! You’ve been sticking it out in a current dilemma for far too long. I’m here to tell you that there will be no improvements and things will not be changing anytime soon. You have full permission to seek out what it is that makes you happy. The unknown can be a scary place, but do you really want to wonder if there’s something out there that’s so much better for you?


7 of Cups

You’re being tempted by a person or opportunity and the possibilities seem endless, but don’t get caught up in “grass is greener” syndrome, Aquarius. You’re much too wise for that. This is more like a case of something being too good to be true- and it is! The plus side? You’ve been worrying about making decisions that don’t even need to be made. Leave the fantasizing to your dreams, and don’t bring them into reality. This will pass.


The Hermit

This card isn’t as much about hiding in seclusion as one may think (though, that’s not too far off from a regular night for you, Pisces!). You’re taking the time to really reflect on your life. Maybe a recent event occurred that has you needing this time of contemplation. You may even be changing your position on past decisions. What’s been a hard no for you in the past, may have you rethinking today. That can be a very beneficial thing! Take this time and return with a better understanding of how to move forward.

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