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April 2018 Tarotscopes: What’s in Store for You This Month?


The World

It’s been “Go! Go! Go!” for you for a while now, and you need to take a break. In April, take the time to digest all that you’ve survived up to this point, Libra. You can recognize others’ achievements, but you don’t always cut yourself enough slack for accomplishing all that you have already. If something has ended recently, sit with the aftermath of that situation before jumping into a new one. It’ll be another success in the making if you enter with a clear mind and heart.


4 of Swords

It’s been a rough start to the year, but this month you’ll finally have the time out you’ve been craving. Relaxing isn’t an easy thing for you to do, Scorpio, but it’ll make a massive difference in both your mental and physical well-being. The key is not to wait until you’re exhausted and in distress to finally listen to what your body is asking for. Leave the phone at home. Step away from work. Get enough sleep. Stick to a healthy diet. And change what you need to going forward.


5 of Pentacles

You feel like you’ve been struggling hard and it’s been one loss after another, but the situation is never as desolate as we think it is. There are solutions out there; you just need to keep the faith, Sagittarius. Relief is coming. It may be in the form of a new job or a friend that can help out. Lean on friends and family right now. It’s foreign and unfamiliar territory for you, but we all have our points where we need a little support.

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