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April 2018 Tarotscopes: What’s in Store for You This Month?


Page of Wands (reversed)

What’s the holdup? You have wonderful ideas, but you’re not putting them into use. Have you lost enthusiasm or faith in yourself? Don’t be scared off by obstacles, Cancer. They’re meant to test you to determine if what you’re working toward is really the thing you want. Use this month to decide what does and does not work for you. Whatever doesn’t, leave behind without a second thought! Whatever does, you’re going to have to focus in order to achieve it.


The Star

Leo, you’ve had a challenging time as of late, but breathe a sigh of relief, because the clouds are clearing out just as you knew they would. Can you feel the sun rolling back in? If all has been going well, prepare for situations to improve tenfold and you can pat yourself on the back as your positive thinking has manifested this. Keep having no time for negativity and drama, keep believing it’s only going to get better and better, and you’ll continue to climb.


9 of Pentacles (reversed)

Money is something to watch out for this month, Virgo. Whether you’re obsessively working, spending, or tempted by the latest “get rich quick” scheme, pay attention to all things finances. The combination of this card and the current Mercury retrograde climate suggests it’s a bad idea to be making any significant investments this month. Plan to revisit the idea in May. You could find that a better opportunity comes along in the meantime.

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