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Trump Attacks LGBT Rights, Visibility with Two Surprise Moves

Two actions yesterday by the administration belied Trump’s oft-repeated claim that he is a friend ...

Boy Scout

Meet the First Transgender Boy Scout

Summary: Nine-year-old Joe Maldonado was barred from his Secaucus, New Jersey Cub Scout pack. ...


States Vow to Defy Trump Rollback of Trans Guidelines

President Donald Trump, with strong backing from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, withdrew the Obama ...


Wyoming Just Took Aim at LGBTs

Last week, with little fanfare, a bill was introduced into the Wyoming state legislature. ...

North Carolina

North Carolina Preparing to Flush Its “Bathroom Bill”

Following a vote by the Charlotte City Council, the North Carolina legislature has agreed ...


Transgender Workers Find Sympathy and Jobs in the California Hospitality Industry

A new jobs program is connecting transgender jobseekers with employers in the hospitality industry.


Hollywood Keeps Casting Cisgender Actors to Play Trans. Here’s Why That’s Toxic.

Casting cisgender male actors in trans roles leads to violence and discrimination against transgender ...


North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Law Is Costing the State Big Time

Backlash over North Carolina’s “Bathroom Law” has cost the state hundreds of millions, with ...


Federal Judge in Texas Blocks Obama Administration’s Transgender Directive to Schools

[DIGEST: Dallas Morning News, Associated Press] A federal judge in Texas has blocked the ...