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LGBTQ Rights Are Under Attack in Texas

Texas goes after LGBTQ rights with a series of new legislation


New Canadian Law on Gender Identity Has Conservatives Fuming

Canada passes a law that would allow the government to remove children from homes ...

North Carolina Bill Rejects U.S. Supreme Court., Targets LGBTs

North Carolina can’t leave well enough alone. Just days after announcing a “compromise” bill ...

Nebraska Supreme Court

Nebraska Supreme Court Unanimous on Gay Fostering

The Nebraska Supreme Court upholds a lower court decision allowing gay couples to be ...


Activists Hail Landmark Federal Court Ruling on LGBT Rights

In a landmark 8-3 decision, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago ruled ...

North Carolina

NC To Repeal “Bathroom Bill” But Compromise Blasted By Critics

UPDATE AS OF 1:35 PM: The North Carolina state legislature voted 70-48 to pass the ...


Trump Attacks LGBT Rights, Visibility with Two Surprise Moves

Two actions yesterday by the administration belied Trump’s oft-repeated claim that he is a friend ...

Boy Scout

Meet the First Transgender Boy Scout

Summary: Nine-year-old Joe Maldonado was barred from his Secaucus, New Jersey Cub Scout pack. ...


States Vow to Defy Trump Rollback of Trans Guidelines

President Donald Trump, with strong backing from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, withdrew the Obama ...


Wyoming Just Took Aim at LGBTs

Last week, with little fanfare, a bill was introduced into the Wyoming state legislature. ...