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Is Lauren Bushnell Dating Someone?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from tonight's episode of 'The Bachelor Winter Games'.

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor Winter Games, everyone's favorite bachelor, Ben Higgins, will become teary-eyed discussing his ex-fiancee, Lauren Bushnell.

According to Reality Steve, Ben candidly tells Chris Harrison that he isn't ready for love just yet. He says he finds himself "defending" Bushnell all the time. He insists he's moved on, but his tears seem to tell another story. Tonight, Ben admits that it "breaks him every day." He then tells the group that it's best if he leaves, and does just that.

Ben's feelings certainly seem to have changed over the course of his time on The Bachelor Winter Games. Before going on the show, he said he was "excited about the possibility of potentially finding somebody," according to People.

But what about Lauren Bushnell, Higgins' ex-fiancee? Is she single? Dating? Could a new relationship be perpetuating Ben's sadness?

Lauren Bushnell Is Dating a Man Named Devin Antin

Lauren is, in fact, in a relationship. She went public with Antin via Instagram in August 2017, just three months after she and Higgins announced their split. According to US Weekly, the two started seeing one another in July.

TMZ reports that Antin is a 28-year-old real estate investor from LA. Sources tell the outlet that the two met before Lauren's time on The Bachelor, but were just friends at the time. In July, a source told the US Weekly, "They have been dating for a while now... She was at a Golden State game with his sisters.”

Seeing Lauren and her new boyfriend's relationship unfold on Instagram cannot be easy for Ben, but he insists he just wants her to be happy. Speaking to Us Weekly in August, Higgins said, "I don’t know a lot about the situation, honestly. From what I understand and from what I hear, she’s happy. As hard as that is for me to think about — because it’s still hard to think about and I think it would be hard for her to think about if I was in that situation... I was on a run a few weeks back. I was praying the whole time. It was kind of first when I heard about everything. Life was catching up with me. There was a lot going on. I was just praying like, ‘God, please clear some things up. Release some burdens or release some anxiety.' I just stopped and I thought, ‘If you’re the man you claim you want to be, which I’m not always, then you need to celebrate Lauren being happy and you need to do that well and you need to mean it when you say it.’”

Be sure to tune into episode 3 of The Bachelor Winter Games tonight at 8pm ET/PT.