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Lauren Boebert Slammed for Bizarre Anti-Vax ‘Tylenol’ Tweet

Lauren Boebert Slammed for Bizarre Anti-Vax ‘Tylenol’ Tweet
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Deadly anti-vaccine conspiracy theories continue to circulate within far-right echo chambers, convincing Americans the vaccines are tools of government control, that they're ineffective, or downright dangerous.

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado—who is no stranger to believing or promoting conspiracy theories—advanced these deadly lies with a bizarre tweet on Monday.

The Congresswoman joked that she'd taken some Tylenol, but needed more people to take it so it would work.

Boebert was arguing that if individuals are vaccinated, they shouldn't be preoccupied with whether or not others are getting vaccinated.

While the vaccines against the virus that's killed over 650 thousand Americans have repeatedly proven to be safe and effective, it's vital for an overwhelming global majority to get vaccinated in order to achieve community or "herd" immunity. If this isn't achieved, the virus still has the velocity to mutate as it spreads, forming more contagious, vaccine-resistant variants like the Delta Variant that's wreaked havoc across the nation in recent months.

People were quick to call Boebert out for the bizarre tweet.

Others expanded the metaphor.

The widely panned tweet comes just after Boebert admitted in a Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filing that she'd used campaign funds for personal expenses like rent and utilities.