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Lauren Boebert Forced To Shut Down Her Gun-Themed Colorado Restaurant–And The Schadenfreude Is Real

Lauren Boebert Forced To Shut Down Her Gun-Themed Colorado Restaurant–And The Schadenfreude Is Real

Far-right Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has risen to infamy for her obsession with guns, and there has been perhaps no greater monument to this deranged fixation than her gun-themed restaurant, Shooters Grill (*eyeroll*).

Located in Rifle, Colorado (oh come on), the restaurant is notorious not just for its on-the-nose name and location but because the waitstaff is required to open-carry firearms while working (seriously).

But now that unhinged, violence-worshipping restaurant is no more.

Boebert and her husband, convicted sex criminal Jayson Boebert, have been forced to close the restaurant after their new landlord refused to renew their lease at the end of last month.

It's an anticlimactic end to a restaurant that has been embroiled in controversy, and possibly even crime, for years.

And naturally, the internet is having a field day dragging Boebert over the news.

Speaking to local paper The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent, Boebert seemed a bit defensive about the turn of events, claiming there "wasn't anywhere to compromise" with the new landlord.

She told the paper:

"Within the next two hours, I had reporters reaching out to me asking me if this was true and if we were being evicted. I said, ‘Well, we’re not being evicted. The lease is not being renewed—that’s a big difference.'"

The abrupt closure by the new landlord, Milken Enterprises, was just the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Boebert's restaurant.

She has repeatedly claimed the idea of gun-toting waitstaff and her own dedication to carrying a weapon at all times was borne of an incident in which a man was beaten to death outside her restaurant.

That turned out to be a lie—the man actually died of a drug overdose.

Boebert has also been submitted for a fraud investigation in the state of Colorado for, among other things, allegedly using $20,000 of her campaign funds to pay tax debts on the restaurant.

And the restaurant has reportedly never recovered from a 2017 incident in which dozens of people at a local rodeo were served bouts of diarrhea and food poisoning along with their plates of Shooters Grill pork sliders. Yum!

Boebert also told the Post-Independent she and her husband are "praying and planning" to continue a scaled-back version of the Shooters Grill brand in the future.

"It may look like a Shooters coffee shop with pastries and some easy breakfast sandwiches and merchandise."

But if the Twitter response is any indication, nobody is clamoring for a return of Shooters.

People had a field day mocking the Representative for her failure.

In November, Boebert will find out if her political career is the next business of hers to go under.