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Lauren Boebert Accuses the Bidens and Carters of 'DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY!' After Sweet Photo Is Released

Lauren Boebert Accuses the Bidens and Carters of 'DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY!' After Sweet Photo Is Released
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images // White House/Carter Center

This week, President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden visited former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter at the Carters' home in Georgia.

The White House released a photo of the Bidens with the Carters that's now being targeted by far-right Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) for what she says is "DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY."

Boebert was one of a slate of nationalist supporters of former President Donald Trump elected to Congress in the 2020 midterms. Like some of those colleagues, Boebert has expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory in the past and has alluded to conspiracy theories in appearances before constituents.

Boebert accused the Bidens and Carters of breaking guidelines they've supported in light of the pandemic that's killed nearly 600 thousand Americans.

Boebert, who has railed against mask mandates despite their proven effectiveness in slowing the spread of the virus, noted that no one in the photo of the four was wearing a mask while schoolchildren are required to for in-person learning.

In reality, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said it's fine for small groups of vaccinated people to gather indoors without mask. While both the Bidens and the Carters have been vaccinated, most schoolchildren are not yet eligible for the vaccine and are therefore advised to wear masks in school.

People had answers for Boebert's bad-faith question.

True to form, some of Boebert's supporters embraced conspiracy theories about the photo.

Her question answered, Boebert's Twitter timeline is now focusing on Swiss billionaires, the Facebook Oversight Board, and the Biden Administration's supposed desire for a "surveillance state."