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Laura Ingraham Just Tried to Claim There's 'Zero Evidence' That Trump Is Racist and the Mockery Was Swift

Laura Ingraham Just Tried to Claim There's 'Zero Evidence' That Trump Is Racist and the Mockery Was Swift
Fox News

As Americans face a national reckoning in regards to the systemic racism and violence against Black people in the United States, far-Right Fox News host Laura Ingraham is dismissing evidence of President Donald Trump's racism on her primetime show.

In one segment, Ingraham called the idea that Trump wants to work against people of color a "twisted fantasy," saying there was "zero evidence" that Trump is racist.

Watch below.

She said:

"Their next trick is to launch a desperate campaign to cast President Trump though as the villain who threatens us all. They don't like him as a person, so what they have to do is deny that he's done anything good at all for America. And of course they need to call him racist with zero evidence."

Ingraham invoked the First Step Act—a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that Trump signed into law—as evidence that Trump isn't racist.

Sadly, the evidence for Trump's racism is plentiful.

Trump and his father Fred were routinely accused of discriminating against Black people with their housing units—eventually facing a law suit from Nixon's Justice Department.

In 1989, Trump took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling for the execution of four Black and Brown adolescents accused of raping a White woman in Central Park. The adolescents were later proven innocent. Even with decades of retrospect, Trump still refuses to apologize for calling for their death.

Perhaps most infamously, Trump played a crucial role in amplifying the conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Trump's popularity in conservative circles rose immensely when he falsely insisted that Obama never made his birth certificate public.

This is in addition to Trump referring to Black protesters as "thugs," Black NFL players as "sons-of-bitches," and African nations as "sh--hole countries."

People found it laughable that Ingraham claimed there was "no evidence" of Trump's racism.

Ingraham's own history of perpetuating White supremacy on the air waves began to rear its head.

They began turning her "zero evidence" declaration against her.

In response to calls for the removal of statues and monuments glorifying the pro-slavery confederacy, Trump has said this would be an erasure of history and heritage.