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Laura Ingraham Slammed For Saying Kamala Harris Is 'Completely Incapable' In Racist Rant

Laura Ingraham Slammed For Saying Kamala Harris Is 'Completely Incapable' In Racist Rant
Fox News

Laura Ingraham is under fire again, this time for a racist rant about Vice President Kamala Harris. Ingraham called Harris "completely incapable" and accused her of "playing the race card to get ahead."

While it is not uncommon for Ingraham to spout bigoted rhetoric while on the air, her latest crusade against Vice President Harris really takes the cake.

Ingraham began her screed with false concern about what would happen if the president were incapacitated.

"She is completely incapable of stepping in to take over as commander-in-chief, should Biden be incapacitated."
"She has problems delivering simple remarks. Because, I'm sorry, she knows nothing except how to play the race card to get ahead."

The blatant racism and seeming attempt at character assassination didn't stop there, though, as Ingraham had a whole sarcastic diatribe about diversity vs. merit at the ready. She played a video of VP Harris' victory speech after the election, during which she rightly recognized the women—especially Black women—who have historically been ignored for positions of power in favor of white men.

After the clip, Ingraham was back at it:

"It's always a diversity thing. How about merit? How about that for a change? Well, it turns out that selecting a VP based solely on diversity criteria and not objective merit is not only stupid, it's really dangerous."
"There is literally no situation, no problem that the White House can turn over to her to handle in the place of the president. Like, remember she was supposed to handle the border, remember that? Well, America's border is now overrun with drugs, illegals, and sex traffickers. Nice job, Kamala."

You can view Ingraham's full rant below:

Commenters on Twitter had no patience for Ingraham.

Ingraham finished off her tirade against the Vice President with one last dig:

"If her goal was to pump up our enemies and demoralize our own people, then she should be excited."

Things are going well for the Biden Administration, with the signing of the President's infrastructure bill, passage of his Build Back Better agenda through the House, and a major upward revision of Q3's economic indicators. So for Fox News, priority one is to distract from the good news and focus on their latest shiny object.