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Kimmel Rips Shirtless Trump Supporter Who Waved Anti-Biden Sign As Ian Raged

Kimmel Rips Shirtless Trump Supporter Who Waved Anti-Biden Sign As Ian Raged
Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube

Supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump often point to the lack of outward signs of allegiance to Democratic politicians as evidence Democrats have no support.

In reality, it's that liberals don't have the cultish dedication to politicians the MAGA minions do--like, for instance, the guy who's gone viral for being so into Trump he took the opportunity to doff his shirt and wave an anti-Biden flag in the middle of the violence of Hurricane Ian.

The man captured the notice of everyone anywhere near the internet for his weirdly dangerous display—so much so Jimmy Kimmel did a segment on him on his show Wednesday night, while Ian was making landfall in Florida.

Kimmel aptly titled the segment "MAGA Morons" and had no shortage of jokes at the man's expense, as well as other so-called "patriots" who risked their lives to wave flags in the middle of a hurricane.

See his segment below.

Shirtless Trumpers Fight

Kimmel's segment included video clips of various men (because of course they're all men) waving flags during the hurricane, including a lengthy look at the now infamous MAGA guy shirtlessly flying his "Fu*k Biden" in the hurricane.

Ian's winds were so strong at times it seemed like the man's flag might blow away and take him right along with it. And if this seemed almost too on-the-nose for Trump's cult members, you're not alone.

Over the clip, Kimmel quipped:

"Down in Florida, Hurricane Ian seems to have a sense of humor, because I cannot think of a visual that better encapsulates what it's like to be a Trump supporter than a shirtless moron using the power of Brandon to fight the wind."

"Brandon," of course, refers to the anti-Biden catchphrase "Let's Go Brandon," code for "Fu*k Joe Biden."

On Twitter, Kimmel's segment definitely registered with anyone who's watched Trump supporters in disbelief.

And of course, the man waving the flag continued to be one of the internet's favorite laughingstocks.

Hurricane Ian is currently heading toward a third landfall in South Carolina, so for any South Carolinians reading who are itching to be featured on Jimmy Kimmel's "MAGA Morons" segment...