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Fox and Friends' Host Dragged for Declaring Upside of Trump's Positive Test Is 'Forced Study Time'

Fox and Friends' Host Dragged for Declaring Upside of Trump's Positive Test Is 'Forced Study Time'

In the wake of news of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump's diagnosis with the viral pathogen behind the global pandemic, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade came under fire today for suggesting Trump's time in quarantine could be an opportunity for him to better prepare for next week's presidential debate.

The comments came this morning during a segment on Fox News' Fox and Friends, on which Kilmeade is a co-host.

Speaking with conservative commentator Byron Yorke, Kilmeade presented the President's diagnosis as a golden opportunity of sorts.

"This is also an opportunity to re-calibrate, strategize, prepare for the second debate. Go over your tapes, go over these policies, study your opponent..."
"That could be this... forced study time, forced reflection time, and maybe brainstorm."

Yorke agreed, saying enormous events like the President's diagnosis take a while for people to "digest" and predicted the diagnosis' impact on the election would be substantial.

Given Trump's proud admissions to not doing much debate prep, many on Twitter found Kilmeade's quarantine opportunity comments preposterous.

Others pointed out the President doesn't exactly have a reputation for diligence and deep thinking.

While some saw Kilmeade's comments as yet another example of the right flattering the President no matter what.

Others pointed out that the debilitating nature of the virus made this all even more implausible.

Kilmeade was openly critical of Trump's performance in last week's debate on Fox and Friends.

The morning following the debate, Kilmeade called out Trump's now infamous refusal to condemn White supremacy and White nationalist groups like the Proud Boys—labeled a domestic terrorist group by the FBI—which supports the President.

Kilmeade said after the debate:

"Donald Trump blew the biggest layup in the history of debates by not condemning White supremacists."
"I don't know if he didn't hear it, but he's got to clarify that right away. That's like, 'Are you against evil?'"

The Proud Boys subscribes to an openly misogynist, homophobic, transphobic and White nationalist ideology and advocates for violence.

The President and First Lady were reportedly diagnosed yesterday evening. The White House blamed presidential advisor Hope Hicks—who traveled maskless with the POTUS and FLOTUS—for exposing them to the virus.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden was tested following potential exposure at Tuesday's debate. The former Vice President tested negative.