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House GOP Leader Mocked for Acting Like He Doesn't Know How to Pronounce 'QAnon' or 'Know What It Is'

House GOP Leader Mocked for Acting Like He Doesn't Know How to Pronounce 'QAnon' or 'Know What It Is'

The House of Representatives will vote on Thursday to strip Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of her House committee assignments.

Even before her election, the Congresswoman was infamous for her support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which hinges on the belief that former President Donald Trump was sent to expose a covert network of satanic cannibal pedophiles secretly controlling the United States government.

Since Greene's ascent to Congress, resurfaced social media posts have shown her indicating support for her colleagues' executions and for deranged beliefs that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton murders children and drinks their blood, that school shootings are orchestrated by Democrats to weaken Second Amendment support, and that the devastating California wildfires were a result of space lasers.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has faced backlash for his unwillingness to substantively rebuke Greene beyond condemning her prior comments.

In a recent press conference, McCarthy pretended to know little about QAnon—or even how to pronounce it—despite the increasing chaos it's wreaked within his own party.

Watch below.

After a private meeting of House Republicans regarding Greene, McCarthy said:

"I think it would be helpful if you could hear exactly what [Greene] told all of us — denouncing Q-on, I don't know if I say it right, I don't even know what it is."

But McCarthy's own words contradict his claim that he doesn't know how to pronounce "QAnon" or what it is.

As recently as this week, McCarthy issued a statement, writing:

"This House condemned QAnon last Congress and continues to do so today."

And in a Fox News segment last year, McCarthy addressed QAnon and falsely claimed that Greene denounced it.

People were quick to call him out on his lie.

They related to MSNBC anchor Brian Williams' no-nonsense fact check of the claim.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently awarded McCarthy the nickname "Qevin McCarthy" to call attention to his leniency for the conspiracy theory in his ranks.