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Fox News Host Rips Trump for Hiding His Tax Returns After Judge Rules He Must Turn Them Over

President Donald Trump's years-long effort to conceal his tax returns received yet another blow on Thursday when US District Judge Victor Marrero dismissed arguments by the President's lawyers.

Trump's legal team was arguing against an effort by New York City District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. to access eight years of the President's financial documents. The Supreme Court ruled last month in Vance's favor, which spurred this latest effort from Trump.

The Supreme Court allowed for Trump to use different arguments against Vance's subpoena—arguments which Marrero has since dismissed. Trump's legal team is expected to appeal the ruling, making it likely the Supreme Court will see the case again.

The protracted efforts from Trump to conceal his tax returns has some growing weary and suspicious.

Outnumbered co-host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery [known as "Kennedy"] reacted to the development.

Watch below.

Outnumbered 8/20/20 | Breaking Fox News August 20, 2020 FULL

Kennedy said:

"It's very strange that the president keeps fighting this. I want to see what is in any president's tax returns. I know that may be an unpopular statement for people who are very supportive of the president, and maybe he has nothing to hide. So just stop dragging this out."

People were intrigued to see a media personality in the Fox sphere explicitly calling for Trump's tax returns.

People don't think Trump will heed her advice.

It's unlikely that any revelations regarding Trump's tax returns will occur before the 2020 election this November.