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Right-Winger Tried To Shame Pete And Chasten For Twins' Birth Photo–And Former GOP Rep Shamed Him Right Back

Joe Walsh called out Jesse Kelly for trying to shame Pete and Chasten Buttigieg's birth announcement photo.

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg holding their twin babies

Right-wing podcaster Jesse Kelly went after Democratic Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten by making an anti-LGBTQ+ crack about family values.

However, he immediately discovered his bigotry was no match for Twitter.

Kelly shared a black and white photo from Buttigieg's September 2021 post announcing the addition to the family with adopted twins Joseph "Gus" August and Penelope Rose.

In an attempt to stir up some conservative outrage, Kelly made a cryptic homophobic comment suggesting the same-sex couple raising a family was contributing to the moral demise of the country.

He tweeted:

“I can’t think of a single image that better explains where our country is now. If there is one, I’d like to see it."

He said of the image of Buttigieg adoringly looking at his husband while holding their twin babies:

"This is just… exactly what we’ve become.”

However, Kelly's feeble attempt at ramping up conservative outrage all but sputtered.

Instead of receiving backup for his pathetic cause, Kelly was quickly shot down by those who saw nothing wrong in the loving photo–including former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh, who responded with:

"I mean this with all due respect @JesseKellyDC, but what do you find so objectionable about this image?"
"I’m genuinely curious as to what you see here because I see only love. Thanks."

Walsh–who served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Illinois's 8th congressional district–was a Republican who previously supported his party's former President, Donald Trump.

But after increasingly becoming frustrated over the twice-impeached President's opportunistic views of politics and the damaging influence on the party, Walsh announced his bid to be Trump's presidential challenger in 2019.

Walsh told the Des Moines Register in January 2020:

“I think it’s important that there’s a Republican out there every day who says, ‘This is not my Republican Party."
"This is not what I believe in. I'm not cruel. I’m not bigoted."

He eventually dropped out of the race in February 2020 due to a poor showing in the Iowa Caucus, left the Republican party, and endorsed the winning Democratic President Joe Biden.

People responded positively to Walsh's clap back of Kelly's post–with many of them expressing that same-sex parents have been successfully and lovingly raising families all along.

Many continued agreeing with Walsh.

While others slammed Kelly with a heap of sarcasm for his homophobia.

There were those who didn't have patience for Kelly.

Kelly is notorious for repeatedly spouting his anti-LGBTQ+ views.

The podcaster once told fellow homophobe and Fox News host Tucker Carlson:

"We don’t need a military that’s woman-friendly, that’s gay-friendly.”

In 2022, he ranted about America being "awful" after the U.S. men's soccer team stood up for the LGBTQ+ community by displaying rainbow flags at the training facility during the World Cup in Qatar–where homosexual acts are punishable by imprisonment and death.

Kelly said at the time he would "be actively rooting against Team USA” and will “pick another country that doesn’t embrace this degeneracy.”

He also joined conservatives waging a war against the Trevor Project–which helps prevent LGBTQ+ youth suicide by providing with them resources including a hotline.

In a deleted tweet from April 27, 2022, Kelly wrote:

“They’re trying to break your children."