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Kayleigh McEnany Slammed for Her Attempt to Dismiss Trump's Claim That Trump Ballots Were Found 'in a River'

Kayleigh McEnany Slammed for Her Attempt to Dismiss Trump's Claim That Trump Ballots Were Found 'in a River'
Fox News

The White House is struggling to explain a recent comment made by President Donald Trump as part of his administration's smear campaign against mail-in voting, which is expected to be the preferred method for an unprecedented number of voters in light of the pandemic that's killed over 200 thousand Americans.

Before departing for Marine One, Trump spoke with the press where he claimed that pro-Trump ballots were found tossed in a river.

Trump said:

"It was reported in one of the newspapers that they found a lot of ballots in a river. They throw them out if they have the name 'Trump' on it, I guess. But they had ballots."

Trump appeared to be alluding to a case in Wisconsin, in which three trays of mail were found in a ditch, not a river, by the side of the road. The reporter Trump was speaking to pointed out that there were no names on the ballots.

Trump responded:

"Okay, well, they still found them in a river, whether they had a name on it or not. But the other ones had the "Trump" name on it, and they were thrown into a waste paper basket."

Trump repeated the claim at the recent chaotic presidential debate.

In reality, the signs pointed to a case of botched delivery, rather than voter fraud.

In a Thursday press briefing, Fox News Radio reporter John Decker pressed White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on which river Trump was referring to.

Watch below.

Decker asked:

"The other day [Trump] said 'they found a lot of ballots in a river.' Who is they?" the reporter asked. "Who is 'they,' that found those ballots, and where is this river, anywhere in this country?"

McEnany claimed that local authorities had found ballots in a ditch in Wisconsin. When Decker asked if the President had misspoke when he said "river," McEnany said he had not.

Decker persisted:

"Where specifically, in this particular statement though, who is 'they' that found those ballots and where is this river anywhere in this country?"

McEnany accused Decker of lacking "journalistic curiosity" and still refused to name where the river was.

Suddenly, everyone was asking the same question as Decker.

They continued calling out Trump's baseless smears against mail-in voting.