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Kayleigh Called Out After Railing Against 'Brutal Bosses' in Anti-Harris Rant—and Irony Is Officially Dead

Kayleigh Called Out After Railing Against 'Brutal Bosses' in Anti-Harris Rant—and Irony Is Officially Dead
@RonFilipkowski/Twitter // Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images

Right-wing media personalities have targeted Vice President Kamala Harris for recently announced staff departures, fueling rumors that she's difficult to work under and that the Vice President's office is a toxic work environment.

Former President Donald Trump's ex-press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, seized upon these rumors in an effort to slam the Biden administration.

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McEnany said:

“Just be nice to people. It’s not that hard. Just be nice. Especially to people who put their heart on the line, their soul on the line, their lives on the line to work in an administration and work for you. ... It really grates at my soul when I hear about brutal bosses that don’t appreciate those who sacrifice a lot to come work for them. And it seems like that's what's going on in the Vice President's office, and it seems like that's what's been going on in Kamala Harris' office for decades, and I just think it's totally unacceptable."

Let's talk about "brutal bosses."

McEnany's onetime boss saw the most departures of any administration in recent history. By the time his reign came to an end, the Trump administration had a 92 percent turnover in senior positions. McEnany herself was the fourth person to hold the press secretary's job in Trump's administration. There were also very public spats between Trump and former, or even current, administration officials.

Trump railed against then-Attorney General Bill Barr for not corroborating his election fraud delusions. He publicly decried his first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. One administration official—later revealed to be DHS staffer Miles Taylor—wrote an anonymous New York Times op-ed promising there were "adults in the room" keeping Trump from his worst inclinations.

Even before his presidency, Trump was decried by former contractors and employees for unpaid wages.

Nevertheless, McEnany spent years eagerly defending the former President.

People didn't hesitate to remind her of this.

Irony was dead.

McEnany continues to defend Trump on a regular basis, though no longer on taxpayers' dime.