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Daily Show Hilariously Predicts How Kayleigh McEnany Will Spin 'Vote Him Out' Chants as Trump Visited RBG's Casket

Daily Show Hilariously Predicts How Kayleigh McEnany Will Spin 'Vote Him Out' Chants as Trump Visited RBG's Casket

Whether it's at a raucous campaign rally, a softball interview with a conservative pundit, or a round table of devotees, President Donald Trump is careful to surround himself with those who publicly sing his praises.

But in the President's most recent public appearance, he couldn't hide from his critics.

With the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lying in state outside the Supreme Court, Trump and First Lady Melania went to the nation's highest courthouse to pay their respects.

Despite Ginsburg's dying wish that a new Supreme Court Justice not be appointed until after the election, Trump and his Republican allies in the Senate have pledged to move posthaste with confirmation proceedings after Trump announces the nominee this weekend.

It's a complete reversal of the GOP stance in 2016, when they said it was too close to an election year for then-President Barack Obama to nominate a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

A line of Americans waiting to pay their respects to Ginsburg began booing Trump, chanting to "Vote him out" and "honor her wish."

Watch below.

The President stood solemnly in his mask as the onslaught of boos continued.

The video soon went viral for the crowd's humiliation of Trump, and The Daily Show posted a jocular prediction of how White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would try to spin the mortifying moment.

The show's Twitter account joked that McEnany, famous for lying to defend the President, would claim the chants were "Woo!" and "Boat him out."

At a White House press briefing on Thursday, McEnany was asked about the booing, and while her answer didn't match The Daily Show's prediction, it was par for the course in its praise for Trump and derision of his critics.

Watch below.

McEnany said:

"I think the chants were appaling but certainly to be expected when you're in the heart of the swamp. I've traveled with the President all across the country ... and everywhere we go, the streets are lined with support like I don't think any other President has had previously."

People liked the Daily Show's prediction more.

McEnany's actual response was largely criticized.