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A Photographer Finally Got a Close-Up Shot of the Tabs on Kayleigh McEnany's Press Briefing Binder and Yeah, It's a Lot

The White House // Reuters

Former White House press secretaries Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Stephanie Grisham did away with daily White House press briefings during their tenures as the number of scandals within the Trump administration began to pile up.

Current press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has revived regular press briefings since taking over in May, though they're still not daily.

Now, a photographer has gotten a closeup of the numerous topics McEnany prepares to cover when answering questions from White House correspondents.

It's a somewhat overwhelming sight.

Among the topics listed are "cases," "China," "reopen," "Meuller [sic]," and more.

McEnany appears prepared to discuss violations of the Hatch Act from within the administration, as well as the upcoming 2020 election, in which Trump is trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by double digits in most polls.

Another topic in the tabs is "school," most likely containing talking points regarding the Trump administration's push to reopen schools in little over a month's time, regardless of the state of the pandemic that's killed nearly 140 thousand Americans.

Another section is labeled "wins."

People were stunned to see the dozens of controversies and defenses compiled in the binder.

But Twitter users didn't think the organization gave any additional credence to McEnany's usual talking points.

McEnany has demonstrated in the past that she believes binders are an effective presentation tool—even if the substance of what's in them is questionable.