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Juan Williams Schools Trump in Brutal OpEd After Trump Tried to Take Credit for Biden's Accomplishments

Juan Williams Schools Trump in Brutal OpEd After Trump Tried to Take Credit for Biden's Accomplishments
Fox News // MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

The conservative Fox News network has frequently praised former President Donald Trump's response to the pandemic that's killed over 500 thousand Americans, but one of the network's analysts is calling out his failures in a recent op-ed.

Juan Williams, known to many as the lone Democratic voice on Fox's The Five, penned a blistering op-ed for The Hill decrying Trump's "jealous rants" as an insufficient means to "hide his failures."

As President Joe Biden's administration edged closer to its ambitious goal of 100 million vaccine doses in its first 100 days, Trump issued a statement urging Americans to credit him with the vaccine's rollout, questionably claiming that it wouldn't have been possible without him.

As Williams points out, Trump has also released statements decrying Republican strategists and entities that he doesn't perceive as loyal to him, including Karl Rove and the Republican National Committee itself.

Williams responded to Trump's vaccine statement in his recent piece, writing:

"We remember the shortage of vaccine when he left office.
We remember there was no plan for getting Americans vaccinated.
And who can forget that Trump lied from the start about the severity of the virus and later promoted a quack, phony cure?
The bottom line is that he produced the greatest failure of presidential leadership in history."

Williams noted that Trump's handling of the virus bucked the usual phenomenon of boosts in a President's public support during the crisis, and emphasized that Trump's own pollster said public opinion on Trump's virus response cost him the 2020 election.

Williams concluded with:

"Trump will get his wish to be remembered. He will be remembered for his jealous rage."

It got people speculating on how history would remember the 45th President.

Some praised the Fox News analyst for the scathing article.

In a recent address to the nation, President Biden said the administration would work to maintain its current pace of two million vaccinations per day.