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Jon Stewart Returns To Late Night TV With Expletive Laden Rant Against Trump

Stewart couldn't hold back his real feelings about the President.

Jon Stewart Returns To Late Night TV With Expletive Laden Rant Against Trump
Jon Stewart returns to TV for Trump takedown on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo credit The Late Show / Twitter)

It was a Twitter rant laden weekend again for President Donald Trump. His attacks ranged from prominent Republicans to Democrats and the media. One such Tweet prompted The Late Show host Stephen Colbert to invite a former colleague to join him Monday night.

The move proved the adage 'be careful what you wish for'.

President Trump asserted that late-night TV hosts are all one-sided and anti-Trump on Saturday. He accused them of colluding with Democrats.

“First of all, ‘unfunny’ in quotes? Which means you think we’re funny?” Stephen Colbert asked in response to the Tweet. “In which case I want to say, ‘thank you?’” he added, making air quotes with his fingers.

For Trump’s demand for “equal time,” Colbert said he invited another late-night host, trained in the art of “unfunny,” to “offer balance to what I say about the president.”

Colbert asked Jon Stewart to say only complimentary things about the president. Stewart was supposed to provide balance for Colbert's commentary on Trump. The former Daily Show host started out tame.

He later forced himself to say, “Given the choice between having hot lava poured into my pee hole and Donald Trump being president… I choose laa– the latter.”

Then Stewart unleashed an expletive filled attack against America’s “sociopath” commander-in-chief. Footage of the president surrounded by military leaders warning that their photo op was “the calm before the storm” set Stewart off. When pressed by reporters to elaborate, Trump responded, “You’ll find out.”

Watch Jon Stewart's full appearance on The Late Show below.