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Ex-GOP Rep. Eviscerates Republicans With Proposed 'Political Answer To Gun Violence'

Former Rep. David Jolly said that the 'political answer to gun violence' was to 'never again elect a Republican' after Greg Abbott's response to Texas shooting.

MSNBC screenshot of David Jolly

During an analysis of the recent Texas mass shooting that resulted in the deaths of five individuals, former Florida Republican Representative David Jolly proposed a straightforward political solution to America's gun violence predicament.

Jolly stated the solution is as simple as refraining from electing Republicans.

Jolly, who parted ways with the GOP in 2018, referred to his former Republican colleagues as untrustworthy participants in politics. He further criticized them for their emphasis on "motive" rather than "means."

The weapon, access to it, and the means to commit gun violence are inseparable according to Jolly. In cases such as the one that just occurred, war weapons are involved.

You can hear what Jolly said in the video below.

Jolly said:

“I would say the political answer to gun violence in America is never again elect a Republican. It’s that simple. They are bad-faith actors so if they want to focus on motive as opposed to the means." ...
"Listen, there is no motive that can accomplish gun violence without the means and the means is the weapon and the access to that weapon and in cases like we just saw, to weapons of war."

Jolly went on to note that there is "consensus in America around several common sense measures we can do" to address gun violence but said solutions need to be far more "aggressive," encompassing “licensing and registration” and much deeper background checks.

Jolly further criticized the larger culture that allowed defenders of the Second Amendment to "embrace... carnage in our streets" and given them "equity," once again stressing that never electing another Republican is critical to ending the "culture war" around this issue.

Many concurred with Jolly's assessment.

Over the weekend, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott sparked outrage after tweeting about immigration status of victims of the mass shooting in his state.

In an official statement made on Sunday, Abbott referred to the victims of the shooting as "illegal immigrants" and called the suspected shooter "someone who is in the country illegally."

The shooter claimed the lives of five individuals, including an eight-year-old boy.

The incident is believed to have occurred when he was asked to stop firing a weapon in his front yard. However, he allegedly responded by shooting five people, all of whom were from Honduras, according to officials.

More than 200 law enforcement agents are actively searching for him.

While it was believed they had him within a 2-mile search area on Saturday, the suspect managed to slip past it after leaving his cellphone and clothing behind.

According to San Jacinto Sheriff Greg Capers, scent-tracking dogs lost the shooter's trail on Saturday, which has complicated the search efforts. As a result, he could be as far as 20 miles away or even farther.