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QAnon 'Prophet' Declares Donald Trump 'God's President for Earth' in Bonkers Interview

QAnon 'Prophet' Declares Donald Trump 'God's President for Earth' in Bonkers Interview
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // @RightWingWatch/Twitter

The QAnon conspiracy web hinges on the belief that the United States government is controlled by an insidious global "deep state" of satanic pedophile cannibals, and that former President Donald Trump was sent to expose them.

Though the premise may seem laughable in its absurdity, this mass delusion has materialized out of internet chat boards into real life devastation. Dozens of QAnoners have abandoned their families to wait in Dallas for the return of John F. Kennedy and his son, whom they believe will be Trump's running mate in 2024. One California man tragically killed his children after becoming gripped by the conspiracy web, believing their deaths were necessary in order to "save the world."

While there are varying fringes and seemingly infinite threads of QAnon, virtually every facet of the conspiracy relies on deifying Trump as some sort of savior destined to usher in a Christofascist new world order and mass executions of the elite.

This was only further confirmed in a recent deranged screed from self-proclaimed prophet and QAnon believer John Enlow.

Promoting delusions that Trump will somehow be reinstated to the presidency outside of reelection, Enlow told right-wing minister Kelsey O'Malley:

"From Heaven's standpoint, Trump is the number one government official on planet Earth. He is the president not just of the United States; he is God's president for Earth at this time, but ... the seat where Biden is is way less important than people know. At some point, yes, that seat will be back officially where it's supposed to."

The profit "prophet" continued.

"I don't know the timing [of Trump's reinstatement]. I had no idea the full picture, the full range of everything that needed to be corrected and brought into alignment with the kingdom of God. When I was getting the original prophetic words on it, all my initial stuff is the world will be known as before and after Trump."

Social media users weren't convinced.


Others lamented the damage that QAnon has done to the minds of untold numbers of Americans.

This will not end well.