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GOP Senator Blasted for Complaining That Biden Is Focusing on 'Humane Treatment of Immigrants'

GOP Senator Blasted for Complaining That Biden Is Focusing on 'Humane Treatment of Immigrants'
Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump campaigned on an insidious immigration platform, painting undocumented immigrants as rapists and terrorists, vowing to build a giant wall at the southern border of the United States—or even a moat filled with alligators.

After his inauguration, many of these brutal promises came to fruition.

Trump instructed his Justice Department to charge all border crossings as criminal offenses, rather than civil ones. This resulted in the even greater overcrowding of unsanitary border facilities, while forcing families into separation.

With the full support of the Republican party, Trump fought to block undocumented immigrants from receiving healthcare and from being counted on the United States Census.

All told, Trump and the GOP fought to treat immigrants as the "animals" Trump said they were, dehumanizing them at every chance.

And in a Monday tweet, Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn seemed to confirm that this was the objective all along.

Republicans have scrambled to decry Trump's successor, President Joe Biden, after he reversed a number of Trump-era immigration policies that Republicans say led to a surge of border crossings.

Cornyn was contrasting Biden's immigration stances to those of former Democratic Presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

People were confused and disturbed that Cornyn appeared to criticize the "humane treatment" of immigrants.

Many thought the tweet revealed a lot about Cornyn.

Cornyn continues to claim the Biden administration is "incentivizing" illegal border crossings.