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'Queer Eye' Antoni Porowski's Boyfriend Is Just As Hot As He Is

Over a decade after the original show went off the air, Netflix breathes new life into the Queer Eye franchise. The reboot introduces a new Fab Five, including 33-year-old chef Antoni Porowski. Porowski is known for his boyish looks, charming smile, and simple yet sophisticated recipes.

We all know the moment when we became infatuated with Antoni Porowski. For many of us, it was in Episode 1. Porowski dreamily said, "I'm a romantic. The idea of bringing two people together who are meant to be. I think that would be really sweet."

Luckily, Antoni Porowski's personal search for love has a happy ending. It's clear he has found the person he is meant to be with! He is completely smitten with longtime boyfriend, Joey Krietemeyer. The question is, who is the man who has stolen Porowski's heart?

Who is Joey Krietemeyer?

According to Joey Krietemeyer's LinkedIn, he is a 2009 graduate of Drexel University. Krietemeyer graduated with a BS in graphic design from Drexel. As a result, he is now an art director based in New York. Furthermore, Krietemeyer has worked in his role at, a premier marketplace for furniture, art and fashion, for the last eight years.

Probably due to his background in art direction, Joey Krietemeyer has an impeccable sense of style. First of all, check out his inspiring Pinterest boards with titles like "Interiors to drool over." Especially, make sure to take a peek at the "Wish List" board. We hope Antoni Porowski will be referencing it for the pair's next anniversary! The adorable duo have been in a relationship for seven years, according to the New York Times.

In addition, Porowski and Krietemeyer have lived in their stylish Clinton Hill studio together for three years. The love birds have managed to make a bright and airy home out of 600 square feet in the heart of Brooklyn. While being interviewed by Apartment Therapy, Joey Krietemeyer describes their style as embracing a mix of materials from wood to glass to metal.

Throughout Porowski's career, Krietemeyer has always been a voice of support and love. Porowski will celebrate his 34th birthday on March 14. So I know we are all eager to see what Krietemeyer will post in celebration this year.

While Antoni Porowski is taken, that doesn't stop Twitter from sharing their love for the Queer Eye star.