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Joe Biden Uses Trump's Own Words About How Much Cable News He Watches Against Him in Brutal New Video

Joe Biden Uses Trump's Own Words About How Much Cable News He Watches Against Him in Brutal New Video

If you were wondering what might have gone down in our country yesterday while President Trump was engaging in his daily ritual of watching hours of Fox News, Joe Biden has a chilling answer for you.

After Trump rattled off a bizarrely long list of Fox News shows he watched yesterday and the previous evening, Biden released a new video that tallies up just how much time the President spent watching television--and how many people died of the virus during the same time.

The video was posted to Biden's official Twitter feed and has racked up over one million views in less than 24 hours.

The video features two rolling counters: one tallying how much time--eight full hours--the President apparently spent watching television on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, according to his own words; the other counting up the 1,016 people who died of the virus on the same day.

The video uses a clip from yesterday's bizarre White House press conference in which the President rattled off an extensive list of shows he'd recently watched.

"I watch some of the shows. I watch Liz McDonald. She's fantastic. I watched Fox Business. I watched Lou Dobbs last night, Sean Hannity last night, Tucker last night, Laura. I watched 'Fox and Friends' in the morning."

Trump's comments on his television watching were part of yet another complaint about the investigations into his and his campaign's ties to Russia.

Federal prosecutor John Durham is investigating supposed mistakes made by the FBI during its process of obtaining warrants to conduct surveillance on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Trump believes this "investigation into the investigation" will uncover evidence of crimes against him, and cited the eight hours of Fox News reporting he'd recently watched as evidence of the explosive revelations supposedly to come.

Trump's comments, of course, came amidst a continuing furor following the release of recordings taken in February and March in which Trump both acknowledges that the virus is "deadly" and admits to lying to the American people about it.

The Biden campaign's video, with its tally of virus deaths while Trump was obsessively watching Fox News, directly references this context.

And on Twitter, the video certainly had an impact, with many people marveling at its effectiveness.

While others found the numbers simply shocking.

Interestingly, the President has repeatedly maintained he barely watches television, including just last month in an interview in which he told The New York Times's Peter Baker that he simply doesn't have the time due to the long hours of his job.