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Eric Trump Tried to Slam Biden for Not Holding a Press Conference for a While And It Totally Backfired via Getty Images // Fox News

Poll after poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by double digits nationally, so it's understandable that those in the President's orbit would hurl as many smears as possible in order to catch their candidate up.

But a tactic from one of the President's sons, Eric, seems to have backfired.

Eric tried to needle the Biden campaign by tweeting that Biden hadn't held a press conference in 77 days.

This achieved little more than opening a can of worms.

The administration Eric supports is infamous for doing away with daily White House press briefings. Until the instatement of Trump's fourth White House press secretary—Kayleigh McENany—the Trump administration hadn't held a White House press briefing in over a year.

And if the purpose of press conferences is accountability, the Trump administration has defied virtually every congressional subpoena for documents and witnesses, shirking accountability and oversight at every turn.

Actions like these weighed on people's minds when responding to Eric's attempt at a burn.

A Fox News poll released today showed Biden leading Trump by 12 points nationally. That's in line with a recent CNN poll which showed Biden ahead by 14 points. Both polls garnered angry tweets from the President claiming they are false.

People didn't hesitate to remind Eric of the polls.

President Trump is hoping to revive his campaign with his first rally in months tomorrow night.