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Jimmy Kimmel Hits Trump Where It Hurts After Trump Claims Kimmel's Show Is 'Dead'

Kimmel fired back at Trump after he claimed 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' is dead: 'You got kicked out after four.'

Jimmy Kimmel; Donald Trump
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; Win McNamee/Getty Images

Former Republican President Donald Trump's list of enemies is seemingly endless. It even includes comedian and Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel.

Trump lashed out at Kimmel in comments at his recent rally in Pennsylvania after Kimmel claimed during a podcast appearance he lost roughly half of his fan base when he started criticizing the former President on air.

As a man who never met a petty grievance he couldn't spin into an applause line for his cultish supporters at his MAGA rallies, that was music to Trump's ears. Trump crowed about how Kimmel's show is now "dead" because of his anti-Trump stances.

Kimmel, who has the actual facts on his side, quickly clapped back at the former President with a response that surely pushed all of Trump's buttons.

See his comeback below.

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Kimmel began by showing a clip of Trump's comments about him at his rally, in which the former President said:

“I saw Jimmy Kimmel said that his show’s practically dead because nobody that likes Trump will watch."
"And guess what? That turned out to be a majority of the people. The show is dead and so are the other ones!”

Kimmel, who just re-upped his contract with ABC for another three years, shot back:

“That’s right. Our show is dead. Our show is so dead he’s going to bury it next to his ex-wife at one of his golf courses.”

The wisecrack was of course a reference to Trump making the bizarre decision to bury his ex-wife Ivana Trump on the premises of his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey in what many speculate was a tax dodge.

Cemeteries are exempt from property taxes in New Jersey. Others believe Ivana's full size casket containing her cremated remains holds classified documents Trump is hiding.

Either way, it's downright weird and seems really shady. Kimmel's crowd was definitely feeling the dig.

But Kimmel wasn't even remotely done.

He next went in on Trump's sons' infamous habits of hunting endangered species.

“I’ll tell you what’s dead. All those endangered animals your chinless son shot, that’s what’s dead.”

And he still wasn't finished.

After mentioning his show is about to celebrate its 20th year, Kimmel capped things off with one final dig at the former POTUS:

“You got kicked out after four, okay?"
"I’m on television. You’re on the toilet at your golf club screaming at yours.”

On Twitter, people loved Kimmel's dispatching of Trump.

Kimmel's comments come just days after he revealed in an interview that going after Trump near cost him his job after ABC asked him to go easier on the former President and he refused.