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Jimmy Kimmel Slams Fox News for Its Pandemic Hypocrisy After Fox Extends Stay at Home Order for Employees

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Comedian and Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel has been a favorite target of Republicans, especially in recent weeks.

President Donald Trump has frequently targeted Kimmel on Twitter, calling him a "wacko last placer" and chiding him for his show's ratings.

The President's followers were quick to echo the online belligerence, leading Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney to tweet, "To all the Trumpers who wished death upon me and my children on Mother's Day, you can take the 'Christian' out of your bio now."

Despite this aggression from Trump and his Republican allies, Kimmel isn't backing down when it comes to holding them accountable.

His latest target was one of the President's favorite networks, Fox News, whose primetime talent has routinely dismissed the threat posed by the virus that's left over 80 thousand Americans dead.

But even as the network follows Trump's lead in calling for lockdown orders to be scaled back and repeatedly downplaying the virus, its own staff will work from home until at least June 15.

Jimmy Kimmel wasn't here for that hypocrisy in the quarantine version of his show's monologue.

Watch below.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue – Fauci Testifies & Trump Pushes Obamagate

Kimmel said:

"At Fox News, which is the little engine behind the back-to-work movement, they just decided to keep their offices closed through June 15th. Isn't that something? Fox News, the ones who are making fun of people cowering at home, is advising its employees to stay home. Because apparently, they don't get their news from Fox News."

He wasn't the only one to notice the hypocrisy.

They haven't stopped calling out the Fox News host promoting misinformation about the virus and the health experts warning against it.

For a deeper look into Fox News's part in Republican politics, check out Foxocracy, available here.