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Fox News Host Was Just Brutally Honest About Why He Wants to Stoke 'Disarray' Among Democrats

Fox News Host Was Just Brutally Honest About Why He Wants to Stoke 'Disarray' Among Democrats
Fox News

The conservative Fox News network remains the top media outlet for conservatives in the United States, with many of its host warning that reputable mainstream news outlets can't be trusted due to a supposed liberal bias.

Right-wing Fox host and Trump devotee Jesse Watters recently discussed Fox's efforts to highlight disputes between Democrats, and especially inter-party criticisms of President Joe Biden.

Though Congressional Democrats have praised Biden's role in passing legislation like the American Rescue Plan and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, some have grown frustrated with the President's action—or lack thereof—on a number of issues, such as the cancellation of student loan debt and inhumanity at the southern border.

In a recent segment on The Five about a potential 2024 primary challenger for Biden, Watters relished these criticisms.

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'The Five' react to Democrats ready to challenge Biden in

After faithfully reciting hysterical conservative talking points about Democrats wanting "total control over your life" through insidious policies like accessible healthcare and a livable climate, Watters said:

"Do I feel sorry for Joe Biden? No. I work at Fox. I wanna see disarray on the left. It’s good for America. It’s good for our ratings. I want to see this guy primaried by rich liberals, crazy liberals, so much so that they can hit the threshold to pop the debate so he has to argue with communists about whether they’re going to fund solar-paneled slavery reparations."

The diatribe got laughter from Watters' cohosts, but not from social media users.

Few, however, were surprised by the admission.

But while figures of all political facets enjoy seeing opponents infighting, Fox News' embrace of disinformation regarding issues like the January 6 insurrection and lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines is facing particular criticism.

Watters is still facing criticism for incendiary comments he made about Dr. Anthony Fauci last month.