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Jerry Falwell Leaves Vaguely Threatening Voicemail for New York Times Reporter in Late Night Message

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Reverend and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. received backlash for his decision to reopen the campus to students and faculty, despite the viral pandemic that's shut down schools across the country.

The devout Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist bristled when news of his decision broke, and he only became more hostile when reports emerged that students at the university were showing symptoms of the virus.

Falwell even secured arrest warrants from the campus police for one reporter and one photojournalist, accusing them of trespassing.

He's now taken his aggression even further with a midnight voicemail to a New York Times reporter, in which he said:

"You're in serious trouble."

Falwell falsely accused the New York Times of endangering Liberty University students, saying they traveled from New York. In reality, the Times' photographer whom Falwell sued for trespassing was local.

People widely condemned Falwell's escalation.

Since reopening the campus, two employees have tested positive for the virus, with others awaiting results or showing symptoms.

Students of the campus have since filed a class action lawsuit accusing Falwell of endangering them.

The court of public opinion hasn't been in his favor.

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