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Jen Psaki Announces New Jobs Record—and Throws Masterful Shade at Trump in the Process

Jen Psaki Announces New Jobs Record—and Throws Masterful Shade at Trump in the Process
Win McNamee/Getty Images // Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The White House was had a brief moment of celebration after a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found nearly 950 thousand jobs secured in the month of July–the highest number of jobs added in nearly a year.

The news brought the unemployment rate down by half a point, to 5.4 percent, the continuation of months-long job growth even as businesses begin to double down on requiring vaccinations and other pandemic precautions to which Republican voters have largely objected.

Biden said of the report:

"What is indisputable now is this: The Biden plan is working, the Biden plan produces results, and the Biden plan is moving the county forward."

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki soon touted the report, as well as the job creation in the administration's first months, at a daily briefing for White House correspondents. She couldn't help but subtly shade the previous administration in the process.

Watch below.

Psaki told reporters:

"Over the first six months, we've created almost 700 thousand [jobs] per month on average. That's more jobs created faster than any other President's first six months in history. In comparison, the previous administration only created 1.1 million jobs in their first six months."

The dig at Trump comes after years of the former President repeatedly exaggerating the effectiveness of his term in office, often comparing himself to the likes of Lincoln and Washington.

Trump said after his first term's six month mark:

"Never has there been a president, with few exceptions — case of FDR, he had a major depression to handle — who has passed more legislation and who has done more things than what we've done."

Trump signed no legislation in his first six months and remained historically unpopular.

People couldn't help but praise the presentation.

Others threw some shade themselves.

Some gave the former President credit where it was due...