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Jen Psaki Throws Savage Shade at Trump in Blunt Explanation of Major Difference Between Him and Biden


Throughout his tenure in the White House, former President Donald Trump invoked Executive privilege to shield himself from Congressional oversight.

In the wake of the House Select Committee on the January 6 Insurrection's announcement that it would subpoena high-level Trump officials and the National Archives for documents and testimony regarding Trump's actions leading up to the Capitol Siege, Trump's lawyers once again cited Executive privilege as the reason these officials shouldn't comply.

There's just one problem: Trump is no longer President, and Executive privilege is no longer under his discretion.

The Biden administration announced that it would permit White House records be released from the National Archives to Congress.

On Friday, CBS correspondent Ed O'Keefe asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if Biden feared the decision could backfire, introducing a hypothetical in which a Republican President releases documents relating to the Biden administration.

Watch her answer below.

Emphasizing the extremity of the circumstances, Psaki responded:

"I can assure you, Ed, that this President has no intention to lead an insurrection on our nation's Capitol. ... I think it is ultimately important for people to understand and remember that January 6 was an incredibly dark day, one of the darkest days in our democracy. There was an insurrection on our nation's Capitol. What we're talking about here is getting to the bottom of that."

Psaki assured that each document would be carefully reviewed and Executive privilege would be evaluated on a case by case basis.

People supported her response.

Others were frustrated with the question itself.

Regardless, it's unsurprisingly clear that Trump shouldn't rely on the Biden administration to keep his secrets hidden.