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Guy Who Said 'Let's Go Brandon' to Joe Biden Now Claims 'the Election Was 100% Stolen'

Guy Who Said 'Let's Go Brandon' to Joe Biden Now Claims 'the Election Was 100% Stolen'

This past September, sportscaster Kelli Stavast was covering a Nascar race when members of the crowd began chanting "F**k Joe Biden!", which Stavast mistakenly heard and reported as "Let's go, Brandon"—what she believed was a congratulatory chant for driver Brandon Brown, who'd just won his first Talladega Superspeedway race.

The right soon began mocking her and the use of "Let's go, Brandon" skyrocketed among Trump supporters as a thinly-veiled expression of their disdain for the Biden administration.

The expression has even become popular among members of Congress. Far-right Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado, in a nod to AOC's "Tax the Rich" Met gala look, put the sentiment on a dress. Her colleague in the House, prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, hung a "Let's go Brandon" sign outside of her office. Republican Congressman Bill Posey of Florida even said the phrase on the House floor.

And on Christmas Eve, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden fielded calls on a livestream of the NORAD Santa Tracker. Among the callers was Jared Schmeck and his children.

After a pleasant conversation, Schmeck signed off the call with "Let's go, Brandon."

Though Schmeck later told his local paper that he wasn't a "Trumper," and that he had "nothing against Mr. Biden," he told quite a different story in an interview with far-right podcast host and former Trump official Steve Bannon.

Watch below.

Schmeck proceeded to spew debunked election fraud fantasies and claim that former President Donald Trump was still his president.

"I am a Christian man. For me, it's God first and foremost. I don't follow any one man blindly. Some of the media's run with that and said I don't support Donald Trump, that's absolutely false. Donald Trump is my President and he should still be President right now. The election was 100% stolen."

Schmeck's double-down surprised no one.

The right's embrace of Schmeck as the latest MAGA celebrity also generated critique.

Some expect Schmeck to mount speaking engagements at right-wing gatherings.