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McCarthy Tried to Explain 'What Republicans Are For' and DNC Chair Made Him Instantly Regret It

McCarthy Tried to Explain 'What Republicans Are For' and DNC Chair Made Him Instantly Regret It
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images // SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

From voting rights to Build Back Better to the Equality Act and more, Republican lawmakers have yet again returned to obstructing productivity in Congress despite razor-thin Democratic majorities.

When asked by reporters about whether his campaign promises were overblown, a frustrated President Joe Biden pointed to the conservative unwillingness to reach across the aisle, claiming their platform was based on obstructing bipartisanship, not crafting legislation.

Biden said:

“I did not anticipate that there’d be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that President Biden didn’t get anything done. Think about this: What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for.”

As former President Barack Obama's vice president, Biden is all too familiar with this Republican tactic. He saw firsthand then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's refusal to consider Obama's judicial nominees—even a Supreme Court Justice—and other legislative goals of the Obama administration.

In a recent tweet, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy attempted to respond to Biden's challenge.

Soon, Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison responded with edits to McCarthy's tweet.

To McCarthy's assertion that Republicans were for "The Constitution," Harrison replied with "See Jan. 6th," the day when more than a hundred congressional Republicans voted to toss out electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania, nearly invalidating the votes of millions, even hours after a deadly failed insurrection.

When McCarthy touted the goal of "Safe streets and a secure border," Harrison cited Republicans' votes against the American Rescue Plan (ARP), which included $350 billion earmarked for policing. The DNC Chair also pointed to the widespread Republican opposition to the Build Back Better bill, which would expand the child tax credit and SNAP access, further curbing child hunger.

As for "Holding Biden's failed administration accountable," Harrison changed Biden's name to Trump's, likely alluding to the House Select Committee's investigation of the origins of the Capitol Siege, for which the Biden Administration waived executive privilege over 700+ documents that Trump tried to block.

People cheered Harrison's response.

He wasn't the only one not buying McCarthy's spin.

Not McCarthy's finest moment.